The Trawler Page

If you're interested in trawlers, there are the classics, like the Grand Banks (36, 42, 46, 49, 52, 66) and the Albin trawlers, and even the Mainship Nantucket. Also there are the Krogens and Nordic Tugs which are more rarely seen in this area. The classic trawler is a comfortable displacement boat that curses at about 8 knots, handles well in seas, has great range and great fuel economy. This is fine for long trips when you're retired and have the time, but for mostly weekend trips and quick week long vacation trips, 8 knots limits your range.

One solution, if you like the trawler styling, is one of the newer performance trawlers. They typically have a compromise hull that allows running on a plane or crusing along quietly at 8 knots. These boats include the Camano Troll (31), the Albin Express Trawler 33+3, the Sabreline (34 & 43) and the Mainship Trawlers (35/39 & 43).

  1. Camano Troll 31'
  2. Sabreline 34 and 43
  3. Albin 33+3 Express Trawler
  4. Mainship 350/390 & 430 Trawler

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