Replacement Stop Buttons

Solution to the bridge faded engine stop buttons:

The big red engine stop buttons are made by Cole Hersee Co. part number 83280-02 UPC number 32850 39240 2. They're located at 20 Old Colony Avenue, Boston, MA 02127 617-268-2100. While they normally only sell to distributers in bulk, this part was available to my distributer in small quantities and costs $1.31 each in February of 2000.

One distributer that sells them is National Parts Supply Company, 535 Milltown Rd, P.O. Box 7314, N. Brusnwick, NJ 08920 732-247-5171. They have offices in Shillman, Flemington, Lambertville, and Keyport, NJ. The Keyport is located at 300 Amboy Ave, Keyport, NJ 07735 732-583-7500 and were very helpful.

The new buttons look new and sharp. All the bridge controls are protected with canvas to prevent fading in the future.


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