The Sabreline "Fast Trawler" Page

The Sabreline 34 appears to be a well made quality boat. It's performance is better than the Camano Troll and the Mainship 350/390 trawler. It is narrower than the Mainship, perhaps accounting for its performance, making it feel more cramped than the Mainship and it requires "mode conversion", like the Camano, to sleep the remaining 3 - a pain on long trips. Also like the Camano, it has a latter to the fly bridge instead of a molded staircase like the Mainship. In 7 foot seas, its nice to have walls next to you and its nice not to have to face forward when decending the steps. It runs about $300K or about $100K more than the Mainship.

Sabre also made a 36 "Fast" trawler, but I don't have any information on it.

The Sabre 43 is a double cabin "Fast" trawler. Not liking the short cockpits or high stern decks, I didn't investigate this one in much detail. It is available in galley down or galley up versions and solves the "mode conversion" problem when sleeping 4.

Specs at a Glance

EnginesTwin 210 Hp Cummins Diesels (250 avail also) Twin 350 Hp Caterpillar Diesels
Fuel250 Gallons 525 Gallons
Water160 Gallons250 Gallons
Sleeps4 + 1? w conv.

Performance (34 & 43)

Top20 knots
Cruse14-18 knots

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