Projection of position

This calculator allows you to find a new lat long position given an initial starting lat long position and and direction and distance. The second calculator below gives the distance and direction between two points.

You can set an option to go towards (T) the direction specified which is the normal case or you can set the direction to go away (A) from the direction specified which is the same as adding or subtracting 180 degrees from the direction.

You can set the mid-latitude correction to auto (A) and the midlatitude will be computed as the latitude half way between the two points or you can set it to manaul (M) to manually set it so that it matchs the midlatitude from plotting sheets.

Start Position L ° ´
Start Position Lo ° ´
Direction, Distance ° nm
Mid-latitude ° ´
New Position L ° ´
New Position Lo ° ´

Start Position 1 L ° ´
Start Position 1 Lo ° ´
End Position 2 L ° ´
End Position 2 Lo ° ´
Mid-latitude ° ´
Direction, Distance ° nm  

Please check your calculations if you cross the equator, IDL, or the prime meridian. Note that these are not great circle calculations and the distances are assumed to be relatively small.