Sight Reduction

This page allows you to compute sight reductions. As an example try entering this example from the text. L= 26.12 S. Note that the minutes and seconds must be changed to decimals as done here. D=29.03 N. H=44.97 E. The result z is 70.01472 and Hc = 19.98528. P is 60.97 and Z is 45.8411 (but this may not be correct). The degrees and minutes input isn't working yet but the output is displayed in decimal and degrees and minutes.

1. Enter your Latitude (L)
2. Enter your Declination (D)
3. Enter the Hour Angle of the body (t)
4. Zenith Distance (z)
5. Calculated Altitude (Hc=90-z)
6. P Polar Distance (co-D) of body
7. Z azimuth angle of body
8. Zn azimuth angle of body??