Irish Moss Recipe Page


1 gallon water1 ounce vanilla or almond flavor
1/4 pound dried sea moss1/4 pound sugar
1 quart whole milkdash of rum, if desired

Wash the sea moss to remove the excess salt from it. Using a large pot, completely submerge a quarter pound of the washed sea moss in one and a half gallons of water. Let is soak for approximately 12 hours or overnight. This allows the sea moss to swell. Next, wash the sea moss thoroughly under running water, 2 or 3 times, to remove all remaining salt and to ensure the sea moss is fresh and clean.

Place the clean fresh sea moss in a pot containing 1 gallon of water, boil the contents for approximately 30 minutes. The pot must be uncovered, and you must stir the sea moss constantly every two minutes or so. This prevents it from sticking together and from burning. During boiling, check on the consistency. The sea moss should not be watery, if it is, add more sea moss. If it is too thick, add more water. The consistency should be semi-thick, like a thick milk shake.

Once the desired consistency or texture is reached, remove from the fire, and let the pot of sea moss cool for approximately 15 minutes. Then strain the contents using a fine strainer. Straining removes the sediment and the pieces of sea moss that did not dissolve during the boiling stage.

Next, add one quart of milk (optional), 1/4 pound of sugar, 1 oz of vanilla or almond flavor, and if you desire, a dash of rum. Mix or blend this with the sea moss by stirring with a spoon for a minute. Pour the mixture into your favorite jug, mug or bottle and refrigerate at 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but do not freeze. Serves 8 adults.

This recipe was reprinted courtesy of the Directory of Caribbean-American Restaurants. Permission granted to reprint if credit is provided to the publication.

Note, I have not tried the recipe. Try it at your own risk.

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