Hellgate Current Tables

To figure the current at Hellgate, get the times of high tide for the Battery, NY. You can get the times of HW and LW at the Battery from 162.55 MHz Wx channel 1 when near the NY city area. Plug them into the table below.

Tide at the Battery in NYSpeed and Direction of Current
HW3.3 knots North (toward LI Sound)
HW + 1 hour2.0 knots North (switches direction before next hour)
HW + 2 hours1.8 knots South (towards NYH)
HW + 3 hours4.0 knots South
HW + 4 hours4.8 knots South
HW + 5 hours5.0 knots South (Max current S)
LW4.2 knots South
LW + 1 hour2.7 knots South (switches direction before next hour)
LW + 2 hours1.3 knots North
LW + 3 hours3.1 knots North
LW + 4 hours3.7 knots North
LW + 5 hours3.8 knots North (Max current N)

While believed to be correct, use this information at your own risk.

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