Pleasure Boats

The media liked to say that there were so many pleasure boats there that you could walk from boat to boat. As you can see, you may not even want to swim from boat to boat. Notice the waves. The Coast Guard had speed restrictions for everyone to go slow. It seem that everone did except for the NY Waterway boats (I was quite unimpressed with their seamanship on this particular day.) and these big heavy CG boats that were going back and forth creating large wakes for no reason that I could tell. We had to hold onto the pots on the stove to keep all the hot food from spilling everytime they passed.

That's it. I didn't shoot any fireworks. You just had to be there for those. They came from about 6 or seven directions, all synchronized. The trip back was fun with the wakes and all the boat traffic. There were quite a number of calls the the CG for broken props, taking on water, and being lost. "Whats that bridge up there?" Or, "I'm at green 1, how do I get to Sandy Hook?" I think that person must have driven straight out of the Verrazano bridge (southeast) instead of turning to due south and ended up at the entrance to Sandy Hook Channel instead on inside the Hook.


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