The Danmark Tall Ship

The Danmark Tall Ship, Patapsco River, June 29, 2000

The Danmark flies the flag from Denmark, I bet you would never have guessed, as well as a U.S. flag, and we are treated to a ship with nearly full sails aloft.

As side entertainment, a private boat near by, turned on their marine radio. What they didn't know, but what most of the rest of the boats in the area knew, was that the push-to-talk button on their radio was stuck in the "on" position. The radio was on channel 16, the main call and distress frequency and the one being used by the Coast Guard to broadcast information to boaters about regulations on the parade route. We could hear EVERYTHING they said quite clearly.

To add to the entertainment, there were all the brilliant ones that tried to yell at them through the radio on channel 16 to inform them that their transmitter was stuck on. This lasted about 1/2 an hour before I guess they finally got tired of it or figured out that two-way marine radios only go one way at a given time. Anyone have a radio direction finder handy for 156.8 MHz?


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