4LH-STE Page

Maintenance ordering information for Yanmar 4LHA-STE 230 Hp engines.

ItemPart NumberCost
Engine Oil Filter127695-35150$40.28
Engine Oil SAE 30 API CD40030$24.60/case of 12
Hurth Trans Oil Filter and O-rings463772$52.58
Fuel Filter Element41650-502320?
Racor Primary Fuel Filter 3 micron2010 SMOR8.40
Seal Service Kit - includes all sealsRK15211included above
Diesel Shut-off Drain Valve KitRK19492$31.55
Air Filter119195-18880 (XN199611 will not work)27.72
Thermostat Gaskets121850-49540?
Thermostat Gaskets121850-49550?
4 Small Zincs119574-44150$6.04/each
Large Zinc119574-18790$6.90
1/8" Drain Cock128695-44090 -> 129670-49290$22.74
Port Side Dipstick119171-34850$13.00

These parts in the table above are available from

Mack Boring & Part Company,
2365 Rt 22,
P. O. Box 3116,
Union, NJ, 07083-1916

Their minimum phone order with credit card is $50 and mail in check or counter order minimums are $20. You can talk with Bob or Carl in parts. Also, Curt Hasselhoff, x252, handles warrenty information for Yanmar.

To remove the old impeller from the 4LH engine, I purchased the Jabsco 50070 impeller puller. It exactly fits the impeller for the engine. However, the thumb screws on the sides are too big and long and hit the side on the engine. Also the length of the main screw is too long and hits stuff located beind the pump. I have found that replacing the supplied screws with shorter regular metric screws will allow the puller to fit the 4LH engine. I have two sets of screws of two different lengths although I find the short ones works fine and give the most clearence on the side.

For the main bolt, I found that a smaller nut and bolt with washers worked best for the port engine where you have to remove the equipment from the from of the engine (over flow tank, strainer, and synchronizer cables) and craw in front of the engine and reach behind. The washers form a large lip for prying against. It is helpful to Lubricate the impeller and housing. Then I find that kicking the starter while prying or pulling outward pops the impeller out. The bolt and nut are smaller than the tapped thread in the puller and the fuller is free to rotate on the washer when the starter is operated.

The Jabsco puller with the original screw parts removed and the shorter ones substituted. (Click to enlarge picture.)

The Jabsco puller is available from Lockwoods, 1825 Hwy 35, South Amboy, NJ 08879, 732-721-1605 and other outlets.


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