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This site will hopefully cover some of my interests from CMOS to boating with some other stuff mixed in. Hope you enjoy it!

What is "sea moss" you ask? Well, Sea moss is filter feeding sea life found in the Carribbean and off the east coast of Australia. Sea moss can be used to make an island drink called Irish Moss. In St. Maarten, Sea Moss is also the name of a drink made from sea weed and brandy that is alleged to be an aphrodisiac. For the more nerdy among us, there is a type of transistor widely in use in today's digital integrated circuit chips called a complementary metal oxide semiconductor or called CMOS for short. CMOS is pronounced like "sea moss". The computer literate may have heard of the non-volatile memory used to store BIOS parameters refered to as the CMOS. In the early days, it really was a volatile memory made out of CMOS transistors with a small battery to keep it from forgetting. CMOS takes so little energy when only storing information, a battery can hold the data for 10 years making it appear as non-volatile storage. Aren't you glad you asked?

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